Sunday, August 5, 2012

Organization maybe..?

Today, my husband has went golfing. So along with taking care of G, I am trying to get together recipes to cook for dinner. My goal is to have easy, but healthy and tasty recipes I can make between school and taking care of G. So far I have pretty much hit up Pinterest. It is def many peoples go to place for recipes. So far, I have found a ton of chicken recipes, however my husband loves hamburger meat so I am looking to find some using it instead of chicken, but so far I am down on my luck. I have found a few interesting crock pot recipes I am anxious to try out. I have not yet cooked in my slow-cooker, but I am def ready to so cooking can be quite easier. Organization is my goal and if I could get some recipes set out for a whole month and break them into weeks, I feel it would be an easier grocery store trip and alot easier on decisions between my husband and I. I tend to have the hardest time deciding what or where to eat and my husband gets frustrated then so do I. This week I have lined up: Sun: tacos, Mon: Crockpot Chicken and Broccolli over rice, Tues: Pizza Poppers, Wed: Chicken Alfredo (Olive Garden Sauce Recipe-my fav!!), Thurs: You can have whatever you like (as in fend for yourself), Fri: Crock Pot Lasagna, Sat: Chicken & Steak Skewers. So it sounds yummy & I hope all the recipes work out. I will let you know how it turns out. As for tonight, tacos are normal for sunday funday and True Blood will be on until Shameless finally decides to return.

More to come...

xoxo, Chels

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